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Despite the many challenges associated with the ongoing pandemic, we are happy to report that our
manufacturing facilities remain fully operational. Unfortunately, over the last month past due orders
have been on the rise due to factors beyond our direct control. Cargo ships continue to endure one of
the worst U.S. port bottlenecks in more than a decade. These delays cascade into longer turnaround
times as containers are running 2 – 4 weeks late on average. As a result, many component parts are in
reduced supply putting additional strain on already limited resources.

Despite our best efforts to minimize the impact of these challenges, effective on all orders received on
or after April 5th modified lead times are as follows:

  • Newport Brass Valves - 1 Day
  • Newport Brass ReadyShip - 3 weeks
  • Newport Brass Non-Readyship - 6 weeks
  • Ginger - 1 to 2 weeks

hank you for your understanding during this challenging time.