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COVID-19 - May 4th Update

During this challenging time, Brasstech, Inc. is taking elevated measures to protect the safety and well-being of its employees. We are following all local, state and federal guidelines and orders. Brasstech closed all three of its facilities on March 20th. Since that time we have continued to monitor current events while keeping the health and safety of our team members and their families our top priority.

During the temporary closure we have made efforts to thoroughly clean and disinfect our facilities in preparation for restarting operations. Per CDC recommendations we are implementing numerous guidelines to keep our employees safe including:

  • Social distancing actions
  • Staggered shifts
  • Frequent disinfection of common areas
  • Restricted vendor/contractor access
  • Rearranged workspaces to increase distancing

In late April, we began the process of gradually reopening our facilities with limited staff. We are currently shipping product from inventory and will gradually ramp up production over the next several weeks. We anticipate that it could be months before we become fully operational so we appreciate your understanding during this time of great uncertainty.

Our top priority is to ship orders that were received prior to the March 20th shutdown. Our next focus will be processing and shipping orders received between March 20th and May 3rd. We are anticipating that these orders will likely ship 4 to 8 weeks past the due date stated on the original order depending on the type of products ordered.

  • Newport Brass ReadyShip - 3 weeks
  • Newport Brass Non-Readyship - 12 weeks
  • Newport Brass Valves - 1 week
  • Ginger - 2 weeks

As we continue to ramp up production and return to normal operations we will make our best effort to process and ship all orders in a timely manner. We apologize for the disruption and appreciate your understanding.